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stabilo fine permanant marker

stabilo permanant maker, ideal for all pat testing labels we supply

This Stabilo Permanant Marker is perfect for writing on all of our PAT Testing Labels and on almost all other surfaces including glass.

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Kewtech KT71
kewtech kt 71 pat tester

Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester The KT71 PAT Tester is small, portable and lightweight. Performs earth bond, insulation & Load and run tests.

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power meter
Only £79.95


TM206 Solar Power Meter

TM-206 Solar Power Meter

This TM-206 Solar Power Meter brings ''point and read'' simplicity to the measurement of solar irradiance. Essential for determining the optimal position for setting up solar PV panels. It is small and lightweight, ideal for use in the field. Turn the meter to ''on'', point the sensor at the sun and read the measurements on the digital display. Measurments are displayed in both W/m2 or BTU/ (FT2*h)

energy meter
Only £19.95


230V energy monitor meter, socket meter appliance energy, kwh, volts

230V Appliance Energy Meter

Plug a 230V UK electrical appliance into the Eco-Eye energy meter to monitor the electrical energy the appliance consumes. This handy eight function energy meter / monitor helps to save electricity and money! The Kwh/ Energy meter can provide you with an accurate cost analysis of the appliance you plug in to it. As well as providing voltage and frequency readouts, the meter also shows wattage and kWh readings. The Power / Energy meter will give you the knowledge to save money!


4 in 1
environment meter
Only £89


4 in 1 environment meter, Measures Light, Sound, Temperature & Humidity

4 in 1 Environment Test Meter

This Environment Test Meter measures Sound in dB, Light in Lux, Relative Humidity as %RH and Temperature in deg C or deg F This popular hand held test meter is simple to operate has a large display and a few simple buttons to select the environment parameter to be measured. We can also get this unit calibrated please call for details.

Only £124.00


martindale microwave leakage checker

Martindale TEK500 Microwave Leakage Tester Kit

Easy to use and low cost Microwave Leakage Detector with a simple PASS/FAIL indicator, perfectly suitable for testing both commercial and domestic microwave ovens. This microwave leakage detector is manufactured to comply with national standards of permitted exposure levels BS5175. The kit comes in a case with a beaker and thermometer.


vi13800 indicator
Only £45.00


martindale VI13700G Voltage indicator for use with the PD690 proving unit

Martindale VI13800 Voltage Indicator

This Martindale contact voltage indicator meets the GS38 safety recommendation. It safely checks for AC and DC voltages from 50V to 600V AC and DC. The long life, bright neon indicators give a clear and fast display of the voltage level range. The Martindale VI 13800 voltage indicator has been designed with electrical safety in mind, finger guards to prevent slipping onto live electrical circuits, double insulated test leads and a lockable and retractable prod sheath. 2 year warranty.

tm - 201
lux light meter
Only £59


tm201 lux light meter, measures up to 200,000 Lux!!!

TM201 Lux Light Meter

This digital Light Meter / Lux  Level Meter is simple to use and can measure light levels in Lux or in FC (Foot Candles) Measures LUX and FC on a 3.5 digit LCD. It can measure up to 200,000 Lux ! The TM-201 light meter has a data hold switch, a maximum hold feature and a low battery indication. The light sensor is at the end of a 1.5m coiled cable to enable the light level measurements to be made without the operator shading the light reading sensor.


sound meter
sl101 sound level meter by multimetrix

This analogue Sound Level Meter is simple to use and can measure sound levels in dB and has A & C weight settings

leica disto D210
leica disto a3 distance meter

The Leica Disto D210 digital laser distance meter can measure distances of up to 80m with an accuracy of 4mm

HandyMAN TEK680 clamp meter
HandyMAn TEK680 Clamp meter

This HandyMAN TEK680 clamp meter measures up to 1000A AC and also measures temperature, voltage, resistance and continuity, a bargain!

robin av90
robin tx90 microwave leakage detector for detecting microwave leakage

The Robin TX90 microwave leakage level meter / detector kit is a perfect companion for any PAT testers kit!

ultrasonic distance meter
dm90 distance and measurement ultrasonic meter

This Multimeterix DM90 digital distance meter is simple to use and can measure length, height, width, area and volume.

ca40 gauss meter
chauvin ca40 gauss meter for mearuring gauss / magnetic forces

The CA40 Gauss meter which has been designed for measuring Gauss and radiation.

Prices exclude delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20% carriage for labels is charged at £5 + VAT @ 20%
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