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stabilo fine permanant marker

stabilo permanant maker, ideal for all pat testing labels we supply

This Stabilo Permanant Marker is perfect for writing on all of our PAT Testing Labels and on almost all other surfaces including glass.

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Kewtech KT71
kewtech kt 71 pat tester

Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester The KT71 PAT Tester is small, portable and lightweight. Performs earth bond, insulation & Load and run tests.

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seaward pat testers, seaward, seaward pat tester, pat testers

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martindale pat testers, pat tester, martindale

Martindale PAT Testers by Martindale Electric manufacture a range of three PAT Testers designed to check the electrical safety of portable appliances used in offices, factories, workshops and construction sites.

The simplest model and lowest cost PAT tester is the Martindale EasyPAT 1600 PAT tester with 3 test buttons to initiate the following electrical safety tests on appliances: the earth continuity test, insulation test and fuse test.

The mid-range model is the Martindale EasyPAT 2100 PAT tester which has all the features of the EasyPAT 1600 plus it can perform Load and Leakage tests as well as lead tests.

The top of the range Martindale Electric PAT tester is the Micro PAT Plus Appliance tester which can also store and download test results and has a Flash test facility.

Martindale Electric PAT Testers Models:


red arrowEasyPAT 1600 PAT Tester

red arrowEasyPAT 2100 PAT Tester

red arrowMicroPAT Plus PAT Tester

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fluke pat testers, fluke pat tester, pat testers

Fluke PAT Testers manufacture two PAT testers both are designed to be rugged and can be used to PAT test a wide range of 230V/240V UK electrical appliances:

The Fluke 6500 PAT tester is very user friendly, has a compact flash memory card slot, automatic test sequences and an on screen guide to help you through the PAT testing. It can perform all the required tests for UK Class 1 and Class II electrical appliances.

The simple manually operated Fluke 6200 PAT tester is very user friendly and can perform all the required tests for UK Class 1 and Class II electrical appliances.

Fluke Appliance Testers:


arrow green
Fluke 6200 PAT Tester

arrow greenFluke 6200 PAT Tester Kits

arrow green
Fluke 6500 PAT Tester

arrow greenFluke 6500 PAT Tester kits

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megger pat testers, pat testers by megger

The Megger appliance testers start of at the simple manual PAT 32 model which can test 230 Volt and 110 Volt appliances , plus with the optional ELT1 can also test extension leads and IEC leads.

If you require a dual voltage PAT tester which can store PATS tester results then the Megger PAT4DV/3 can perform all the tests required for In Service Testing to the IEE Code of Practice.

The top of the range Megger PAT4DVF/3 PAT tester has all the features of the PAT4DV/3 plus it has a Flash test facility often used by manufacturers of appliances and some companies during repair and testing.

Megger PAT Testers Models:


arrow greenMegger PAT 32 PAT Tester

arrow green
Megger PAT4DV / 3 PAT Tester

arrow green
Megger PAT4DVF/3 PAT tester

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alphatek pat testers, pat testers by alphatek

Both Alphatek PAT Testers are designed to test lots of appliances and store the test results in the units memory. With a built in QWERTY keypad on both the OmegaPAT and BetaPAT, entering appliance numbers, sites, locations and appliance descriptions is straight forward.
Built in Automatic test sequences can speed up the testing and save time and money and both units can be used with bar code scanners to scan in Appliance ID Labels.

PAT Testing results, from both the Alphatek OmegaPAT and The Alphatek BetaPAT Testers can be downloaded on to the optional PAT Link software or SimplyPATs PAT Testing software package.

Alphatek PAT Testers Models:

red arrowOmegaPAT MI2140

red arrowOmegaPAT MI2140CP

red arrowOmegaPAT MI2140SP

red arrowBetaPAT MI2141

red arrowBetaPAT MI2141CP

red arrowBetaPAT MI2141SP

more info

transmille  pat testers, pat tester transmille, pat testers

Transmille have designed a range of Battery powered appliance testers to eliminate the plugging in and out of the testers and speed up testing.

Transmille PAT Testers Models:


red arrowTransmille 5080 PAT


red arrowTransmille 6080 PAT


red arrowTransmille 6080 Plus PAT

more info

kewtech pat testers, pat tester kewtech, pat testers

Kewtech offer four different types of PAT portable appliance testers:


The newest Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester, the latest KT74 model with built in USB download facility, the simple to use KT73 PATS Tester and the Top of the range KT75 P.A.T. tester.


kewtech pat testers, KT74 & KT75 PAT testers

Kewtech PAT Testers

Kewtech PAT Testers Models:


arrow greenKewtech KT71

arrow green
Kewtech KT73

arrow green
Kewtech KT74

arrow green
Kewtech KT75

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