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stabilo fine permanant marker

stabilo permanant maker, ideal for all pat testing labels we supply

This Stabilo Permanant Marker is perfect for writing on all of our PAT Testing Labels and on almost all other surfaces including glass.

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Kewtech KT71
kewtech kt 71 pat tester

Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester The KT71 PAT Tester is small, portable and lightweight. Performs earth bond, insulation & Load and run tests.

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pat tester calibration certificate services

PAT Tester Calibration Services, Calibration Certificates & Test Equipment Calibration

  Why calibrate?
PAT Tester Calibration is there to ensure that the PAT Tester's manufacturer specifications are still accurate. That they are still within specification and meeting national standards. It also ensures that portable electrical appliances being tested will not fall into the wrong Pass or Fail category! Many UK Quality Managers, PAT testing companies and PAT tester manufacturers insist that periodic calibration is carried out or whenever the test readings from an appliance tester are suspect. PAT Calibration Certificates can form a vital link in your quality procedures and help meet IS9000 guidelines. You will have confidence in using your P.A.T. tester knowing that it is still performing within the manufacturer specifications and is fully calibrated.

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Pat Tester
Only £65

Clare :

First Stop Safety:

Ethos :

Irwin :

Martindale :

Avo / Megger® :

Metrohm :

Metrel :

Metrotest :

Robin :

Seaward :

A255, A252

Batt PAT, Simple PAT MemoryPAT

9300, 9150, 9100

4110 PAT Tester

EasyPAT 1600 , HandyPAT 600, Handy PAT 500 PAT Tester

PAT32, Megger PAT 320, Megger PAT 350, PAT3, PAT3/DV, PAT1

Easypat D2112, D2131 PAT Tester

SwiftPAT, AlphaPAT

MetroPAT 220, MetroPAT 200, MPAT 20, MPAT15

PT90, SmartPAT 3000 PAT Tester, SmartPAT 3500 PAT Tester

PAC500, PAC500 plus, PAT500H, PAC1000, Europa PAC, Europa PAC Plus, PAT1500xi, Primetest 50 PAT Checker


Pat Tester
Only £75

AVO / Megger® :

Ethos :

Fluke :

Martindale :


Metrohm :


Metrotest :

Robin :

Seaward :

Transmille :

PAT101, PAT2/2, PAT2

9500 PAT Tester

6200 PAT Tester

EasyPAT2100 PAT Tester, MicroPAT+ PAT Tester,

PAT120, Megger PAT150, PAT150R




PT100, SmartPAT 5000 PAT Tester, SmartPAT 5500 PAT Tester

PAT1000, PAT1000S, IT1000, PAT1000X, Europa PAT, Europa Plus PAT Tester, Primetest 100 PAT Tester

5080 PAT Tester, 6080 PAT Tester


Pat Tester
Only £85

Alphatek :

Ethos :

Fluke :

Instrotech :

Megger® :


Metrotest :

Seaward :

OmegaPAT MI2140, BetaPAT MI2141

9600 PAT Tester

6500 PAT Tester

PAT1900xi, PAT2100x


BetaPAT Plus, Omega PAT plus DeltaPAT, SigmaPAT

MetroPAT 600, MPAT 60 PAT Tester

PAT2000, PAT2000i, PAT2000iee, Supernova, Supernova XE, Supernova Plus PAT Tester, PrimeTEST 200 PAT Tester, Prime Test 220, Primetest 300, BenchPAT, Seaward Apollo 600, Seaward Apollo 500, Primetest 250+


Please note that we do charge return carriage on re-calibration which is £10 + VAT

So if your portable appliance tester or appliance checker is due for calibration, why not take advantage of our many years of expertise in the test equipment industry and give us a call for your UK PAT tester calibration certificates.

PAT Training Services Limited do not calibrate PAT Testers in house but use a third party calibration laboratory to ensure that the calibration certificates you receive are fully traceable to UK National Standards. Finally don't forget a correctly calibrated PAT Tester will save you money and in the end pay for its calibration through long-term reliability!
Prices exclude delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20% carriage for labels is charged at £5 + VAT @ 20%
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