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stabilo fine permanant marker

stabilo permanant maker, ideal for all pat testing labels we supply

This Stabilo Permanant Marker is perfect for writing on all of our PAT Testing Labels and on almost all other surfaces including glass.

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kewtech kt71 pat tester
kewtech kt 71 pat tester

Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester The KT71 PAT Tester is small, portable and lightweight. Performs earth bond, insulation & Load and run tests.

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Pass Labels Only £7.95

pat test pass labels, cheap pass labels

500 PASS PAT Labels / Stickers
PAT Test Labels  

"Passed" Electrical safety test labels for PAT Testing. Printed on strong material so it doesn't tear like paper labels. Their treated with a matt varnish so they can handle the harshest environments. Can be easily written on with any biro or permanent marker. For larger quantities please click on the "more info" button below.
(50 x 25mm)

more info green
200 Fail Labels Only £10

fail labels, pat testing fail labels

FAIL Labels / Stickers
PAT Test
er Labels           

"Fail" Electrical safety test labels for PAT Testing. These PAT labels can be fixed to portable appliances after failing a PAT test. Supplied on rolls of 200 labels per roll. Printed on Poly Propylene so they dont tear like cheaper paper labels and treated with a matt varnish so they can handle the harshest environments. Can be easily written on with any biro or permanent marker. For larger quantities please click on the "more info" button below.
(50 x 20mm)

more info blue


permatag the strongest pat labels on the uk market

Permatags PAT Label/Tags. These are our strongest and most durable labels. They wrap around a cable a stick back to themselves. Scissors will be required to get them off again!!! The Permatags are virtually indestructible!! Comes supplied in a blisterpack of 100 tags with a fine permanant marker pen included. (110mm x23mm)

more info
Tuff Tag Labels

tough tags harsh environment p.a.t labels

Tuff Tag cable Labels, Are extremely strong and durable. Almost impossible to rip or tear. Excellent value for money and available in Pass Labels, Failed Labels and Barcode Labels that can be ordered to any numbers you want printing or as a Blank Label. (Size: 125mm x 25mm)

more info
Microwave Labels

microwave emission tested label

Microwave Emission Test Labels, Ideal for Microwave Emission Testing, Labels supplied on rolls of 150 Labels and measure the Microwave Emission leakage test. (Size: 33mmx65mm)

more info green

Pass Pack 1 Only £20


pass and fail label pack 1

This PAT testing Pass Pack 1 includes: 500 Pass Labels and 200 Fail labels. An ideal PAT labels package for any PAT tester. High quality labels at a low low price.

Pass Pack 2 Only £25

pass labels & pass wrap labels offer pack 2

PAT Testing Pass Pack 2 is designed for people with IT equipment and extension leads. The 500 Pass Labels are ideal for normal appliances however the 250 Pass wrap labels are perfect for IT & IEC leads


Pass Pack 3 Only £35


pass labels and tuff tag labels pack 3

Pass Pack 3 is for people working in harsh environments (Building Sites etc). The 250 Tuff Tag labels are virtually indestructible, ideal for power tools and the 500 Pass labels are perfect for all the office equipment.

Pass Pack 4 Only £30


pass pack 4 Buy 3 rolls get one free

PAT Testing Label Pack 4 is a pack we have designed for someone who wishes to do a medium amount of testing (Schools / Larger companies) A total of 2200 PAT labels! 2000 pass & 200 fail labels


Pass Wrap Labels Only £15

pass wrap iec lead label, cable tags, labels

PASS WRAP PAT Labels for Appliance Testing

Problems finding space on your appliance??? Look no further. These Pass Wrap Labels are designed to wrap around a cable and attach back to themselves. Used by thousands of companies across the UK for PAT labeling IEC and Extension Leads. 250 per roll. (40 x 75mm each label)

more info green
Pass Laminated Labels Only £20

OVERLAMINATE PASS Labels - PAT test Labels        

These PAT Testing Labels/Stickers have an over laminated stick down flap which seals in the test details and keeps them safe from all elements such as water, grease and dust. The label is thick and very tear resistant and ideal for labelling appliances in outdoor or harsh working environments. 500 Labels per roll (40 x 35mm each label)


500 Appliance ID Labels Only £15

pat test barcode label roll of 500 id labels

NUMBERED BARCODE APPLIANCE ID Labels / Stickers - PAT Testing Labels

500 Barcode Appliance ID labels, designed to stick onto most portable electrical appliances. 500 per roll, cheap price comes with a box dispenser. Can be printed to order with numbers of your choice at no extra cost!!! (50 x 25mm)

more info green
Plug Checked Labels Only £15

plug checked pat testing labels

PLUG CHECKED Labels / Stickers - PAT Tester Labels      

500 "Plug Checked" PAT Testing labels. Designed to be compact to fix onto most electrical plug tops. Plug Top Labels are supplied in rolls of 500 Labels, These Plug labels are low priced, durable and easy to use (30 x 15mm)

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PAT Testing Labels
are suppliers of high quality
PAT Testing labels andelectrical safety testing labels and stickers. We pride ourselves on supplying only the best PAT testing labels at the lowest prices, we have one of the largest selections of Pass & Fail Labels in the UK and are always happy to customise labels to your requirements. We have labels & stickers for every eventuality:

With years of experience in Portable Appliance testing we are able to offer a "One stop shop" for all your PAT Testing needs! We also offer massive discounts for ordering labels in quantity. We hold stock of almost all PAT testers advertised on the site, ready for immediate dispatch and would be more than happy to answer any questions over the phone.
Here are just a few services we offer
arrow greenKewtech  
Prices exclude delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20% carriage for labels is charged at £5 + VAT @ 20%
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